Before the Break…

July 17, 2013

This coming Monday I’m having a lot of work done on this blog and also to my Bridge to Story website.

My next book is coming out in October, ‘Tell Me (How to Write) A Story’,  it will be released by Inspired Quill mid month. (the July date was moved out)  So my online presence is getting a facial, perm, and new shoes, so to speak.

This blog will be down for awhile and hopefully, everyone will be able to then find me over at my new Author’s site once all the under construction signs come down.

The new site will act as a 1-stop place for my Author activities like releases, book groups and interviews, All the Bridge to Story pages, and  of course, my blog.

Until all that gets underway here’s some ‘Author’ things to remind you about:

My Short Story collection Claiming One It’s been gathering some positive reviews online and on the Amazon reviews page, though I could use more of both – so if you want to run an interview, have me post as a guest blogger on your site, or  if you want to review the book, contact me for an ARC file.

And here’s a Book Trailer for Claiming One on YouTube


Call for SubmissionRevision for Beginners my next project, is still looking for 200 word excerpts, Consider submitting.

I am hoping this little work, 20 novices have their first draft excerpts revised and the method of the revisions discussed, will be ready for shopping around to publishers late 2014.

Thank you all for such a nice following.

Until we meet again,



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