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All New and Shiny!

 Well, It’s finally up and running. A new version of my ‘Bridge to Story’ website will now include a blog dedicated to creative writing and my coaching. So this WP blog, ‘E.J. Runyon’s Author’s Blog’ is being re-potted over there. Where I hope it will grow into something even more beautiful.

One-by-one these WP posts will migrate to the new site, so you won’t lose any good, basic writing advice that’s been posted here. The Bridge to Story blog’s url is And I hope to see you there.

I’ll also be starting up a new series there I’m calling “Your Writing-Coach-For-A-Day” where I’ll invite new and nearly published Indy writers to ask me 5 coaching questions.  If you think up five questions about your fiction or memoir WIP, feel free to email me, at thumbnail thumbnail


For those of you following this WP blog for my author news about any of my books, published by Inspired Quill (UK), those types of posts will now be found on the new e.j.runyon site. You can follow me there at

Hopefully you’ll want to follow both blogs. And of course to do that you’ll need to re-follow over at those sites, or on Twitter.

In any case, if you didn’t already know My latest book is titled –
 “Tell Me (How to Write) A Story” Good, Basic Advice for Novices Ready To Write”

Nook and paperback versions are due out soon. Until then, you can pick up  the e-book at Amazon:

I love both sites; they are fuller and more engaging than this site has been and I hope you’ll enjoy both and tell your friends about them.

Thanks everyone,



We’re Almost There….

October 25, 2013

HELP quoteMy New Author’s site is nearly up and running, I figure another week or two and things will be ready. Until then, let me set the way-back machine to an old post you might enjoy, titled: ‘Let Your Story Tell the Reader About It◄ Click to read

For some of you recent followers, it may be brand new. Either way, feel free to re-blog it or post a comment. Happy Writing everyone.

And remember, there’s a new book out:

Gotta e-reader? pick up “Tell Me (How to Write) A Story” Good, Basic Advice for Novices Ready To Write. By EJ Runyon