An excerpt on my latest writing project/meditation on writing & spaces/ building of the 3 Nutshells Tiny House

Yep, this one has a twist, a writing guide-memoir, but it’s also a tiny build project. You can see more about that here


After following them on some TH YouTube videos I contacted Iron Eagle Trailers of Portland Oregon. I was quoted for a basic 18 foot tandem axle trailer with two other custom items in the build, and it came to a tidy amount $700 less than I expected (based on my projected expenses during the “what if…” portion of creating a list of items to research). The great guy at Iron Eagle Trailers, who I contacted on their toll-free number, was more than helpful.

$700 less! Whoa. Success at Step One was very heartening!

Now, I just needed those trailer funds by no later than mid-September.

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This is EJ Runyon’s Bridge to Story ‘Tiny Brainstorm’ blog.

Beak Bump out

image by Rob Leanna

‘ltlxltl’, I had a license plate once that read that – Little by Little.

This is a  Tiny House on Wheels project build, bringing coaching and story editing from my Bridge to Story workshop space to your town, or even your door. Great for writing groups, senior center events, homeschooling visits, one-on-one intensives… you name it.
Soon to be roamin’, teachin’ & fixin’ yer writin’ -wherever you may be in the lower 48.

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