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All New and Shiny!

 Well, It’s finally up and running. A new version of my ‘Bridge to Story’ website will now include a blog dedicated to creative writing and my coaching. So this WP blog, ‘E.J. Runyon’s Author’s Blog’ is being re-potted over there. Where I hope it will grow into something even more beautiful.

One-by-one these WP posts will migrate to the new site, so you won’t lose any good, basic writing advice that’s been posted here. The Bridge to Story blog’s url is And I hope to see you there.

I’ll also be starting up a new series there I’m calling “Your Writing-Coach-For-A-Day” where I’ll invite new and nearly published Indy writers to ask me 5 coaching questions.  If you think up five questions about your fiction or memoir WIP, feel free to email me, at thumbnail thumbnail


For those of you following this WP blog for my author news about any of my books, published by Inspired Quill (UK), those types of posts will now be found on the new e.j.runyon site. You can follow me there at

Hopefully you’ll want to follow both blogs. And of course to do that you’ll need to re-follow over at those sites, or on Twitter.

In any case, if you didn’t already know My latest book is titled –
 “Tell Me (How to Write) A Story” Good, Basic Advice for Novices Ready To Write”

Nook and paperback versions are due out soon. Until then, you can pick up  the e-book at Amazon:

I love both sites; they are fuller and more engaging than this site has been and I hope you’ll enjoy both and tell your friends about them.

Thanks everyone,



Since Feb 2012, on this Author’s blog I’ve gotten visitors from 26 countries around the globe, totaling nearly 1,000 visits. Of these, there are the single stop visitors:  Finland, Thailand, Saudi Arabia,  Indonesia, Turkey, Austria, Ireland & Republic of Korea.

The other 18 countries are multiple-visits. I’m not sure if it’s the same visitors coming back again and again, or a mix of new folks and returnees. If they are here because they like my short story collection, or just fell across me in their meandering through WordPress. But either way, I’m grateful.

My publisher, Inspired Quill, and I are working on book two this summer. A How-to book for novices eager to write fiction or memoir.

I thought to myself:

Maybe I’ll turn the blog into a mini-writer’s conference for the rest of the summer. Have the posts open to Q & A’s about the how to’s and the why’s of beginner writers. Hummm…

So I’m asking any visitors for Blog topic suggestions. From for now till Tell Me (How to Write) a Story  is released— What do you want to ask about how to write fiction and memoir?

See some of the other posts here about what I write about writing.

If you know other novices send them this post. Ask them to comment and ask questions of their own. I’m open to any type of query, if it has to do with writing well, ask away.

(Start any comment with what type of genre you’re writing in)

In other news:

There’s a new book trailer out on Youtube for Claiming One. Take a look.

And for all my international visitors. Claiming One on Amazon, in a few places: