…I offer 52 free writing lesson over at my Bridge to Story, my website, and here on this blog.

But what you may not know is that I left my career as a Sr. Software Engineer in 2006 in order to go back to school for a BA and MFA in Creative Writing. My goal of being a writing coach and author’s first steps.

I got the BA in 2010. I was then accepted into the low-residency MFA program at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver. But alas, you cannot get financial aid in the US for distance graduate programs that are out of county programs. So I had to decline.

Along the way I got two years of Masters work in and earned a Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, plus in 2010 I began my website Bridge to Story.

In spite of that MFA setback I was able to have a short story collection published by those wonderful folks over at Inspired Quill in 2012.

Brag alert: Here’s a link to the Claiming One Trailer, in case you haven’t seen it yet

And IQ is bringing out my next Nonfiction work ‘Tell Me (How to Write) A Story‘ this October.

So my nefarious plan has been very successful in moving forward year by year. I haven’t looked back since I began this journey by selling my house to finance a return to University. My life’s work is in my own creativity and in fostering the work of others.

So, you might ask, what can possibly be next?


I’ve taken the plunge for the next step of bringing  quality coaching to novice writers and I need advice from you by your reviewing my Kickstarter Project, bridgetostory/learn 18 Master Courses in Fiction & Memoir.

I need some eyes on this to see how you think it will play or not play before I launch it.  IS this product design project ready to launch for funding?

Have a look and offer some feedback before it goes live:

Check it out at

And thanks.



Since Feb 2012, on this Author’s blog I’ve gotten visitors from 26 countries around the globe, totaling nearly 1,000 visits. Of these, there are the single stop visitors:  Finland, Thailand, Saudi Arabia,  Indonesia, Turkey, Austria, Ireland & Republic of Korea.

The other 18 countries are multiple-visits. I’m not sure if it’s the same visitors coming back again and again, or a mix of new folks and returnees. If they are here because they like my short story collection, or just fell across me in their meandering through WordPress. But either way, I’m grateful.

My publisher, Inspired Quill, and I are working on book two this summer. A How-to book for novices eager to write fiction or memoir.

I thought to myself:

Maybe I’ll turn the blog into a mini-writer’s conference for the rest of the summer. Have the posts open to Q & A’s about the how to’s and the why’s of beginner writers. Hummm…

So I’m asking any visitors for Blog topic suggestions. From for now till Tell Me (How to Write) a Story  is released— What do you want to ask about how to write fiction and memoir?

See some of the other posts here about what I write about writing.

If you know other novices send them this post. Ask them to comment and ask questions of their own. I’m open to any type of query, if it has to do with writing well, ask away.

(Start any comment with what type of genre you’re writing in)

In other news:

There’s a new book trailer out on Youtube for Claiming One. Take a look.

And for all my international visitors. Claiming One on Amazon, in a few places: