E.J. writing with cat standing guard

Writing at Rincon Point, CA ’99




E.J. Runyon lives in the US Southwest. In the past seven years she found herself moving on to smaller and smaller desert towns, while in the pursuit of certifications at various state universities.
In 2006 she quit software and sold her home to finance a BA in Creative Writing and a Teaching Masters emphasizing Distance Education. She’s never looked back.

Now, her life revolves around her own fiction (with the great people at Inspired Quill publishing), and E.J.”s own Bridge to Story – an online writing service for novices and others working in fiction and memoir- plus her graduate work, and you know, being a better person day to day.

She spends her time coaching along with working on her fiction. Her next book projects are a How-to for novice fiction writers, titled Tell Me (How to Write) A Story, due out mid-2013. And she’ll be trying her hand at an indie publication of a novella to be released under a pen name.

E.J.’s passion is focused on the beauty of writing, her own, and others; getting folks writing, and coaching them in writing well. She’s coached writers as individuals and in small groups since 1997.

Yearly, she participates in many of the Office of Letter and Light’s National Novel Writing Month events; being a supporter, and a participant,  since 2001. Several of the short stories in Claiming One are excerpts from her eight in-progress novels, written during various NaNoWriMo years.


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