Little by Little, a tiny brainstorm about writing and you

July 4, 2016

This is EJ Runyon’s Bridge to Story ‘Tiny Brainstorm’ blog.

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image by Rob Leanna

‘ltlxltl’, I had a license plate once that read that – Little by Little.

This is a  Tiny House on Wheels project build, bringing coaching and story editing from my Bridge to Story workshop space to your town, or even your door. Great for writing groups, senior center events, homeschooling visits, one-on-one intensives… you name it.
Soon to be roamin’, teachin’ & fixin’ yer writin’ -wherever you may be in the lower 48.

Want to help get this project on its wheels? Have questions about this great concept?

Start with these FAQs, or contact me with the form below.

Q: Can I book some online coaching for myself or my favorire writer? Now before this is built?

A: Sure! Fees for these classes are what will fund the workshop build. So ask questions about booking a session between July 2016 and July 2017 with the form below. Schedule a session or three, or give a gift to your writing group, loved one, or treat yourself. Or even just ask questions about how this will work and how you can support it.

All classes, will run 1.5 hours and use Skype. You’ll need a laptop or computer, or a tablet. Phones don’t work well though. But you won’t need a camera. Just a mic to hear me and me you.
Any class of four writers is $20.00 US/each student.

For one-on-one online sessions, classes are @27.00/each.

Q: Oh c’mon, no one can live on charging that for a 90 minute class. What gives?

A: In the long run, tiny living can mean tiny expenses. I’m in this for the writers I coach, believing in them pays me ten-fold. And when I have four students at once in class I’m fine at the rate I’ve set it. No matter if you’re getting something worth three times that fee.

Q: What if I don’t have a manuscript finished yet??

A: Ah, well. There is my writing guide > Tell Me (How to Write) A Story. And there’s The Bridge to Story website with 52 free lessons to jumpstart your work.

Book a future class meet-up, for once I’m up and traveling on a road to you (surely with your support, by September of 2017). By then you’ll have your manuscript in shape for some edits!

Use this form and include what stage your writing is at now and we’ll set up a future story edit live. Or online now if you want one-on-one coaching today…

You can set thing up as you need. All class fees, any pre-paid fees, and any gift sessions you buy for other writers, will fund this mobile-workshop build! I’m looking to give, or have pre-paid, 365 classes (of four students) in the next year to reach this fan-supported goal.

Paying ahead for a 6-class module in any of our four writing paths will help get things moving!

If you’re a fan of my coaching, writing, or my website, please support Bridge to Story.

It’s what will make that joy something I can take country-wide.

Here’s a teaser list of some of our class topics, we also have Novel & Memoir beyond the Craft Basics & Short Story modules.

BTS_Lear CourseList_wp

Interested? Contact Bridge to Story here:

2 Responses to “Little by Little, a tiny brainstorm about writing and you”

  1. […] Yep, this one has a twist, a wrting guide-memoir, but it’s also a tiny build project. You can see more about that here […]

  2. […] Yep, this one has a twist, a wrting guide-memoir, but it’s also a tiny build project. You can see more about that here […]

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