July 15th is a Special Day…

July 15, 2013

Size is secondary …it’s the day of my Paying it Forward Giveaway drawing. And It’s also my birthday.

So to celebrate I’ve decided all the drawing entries have won!

That means, that

   Camille Ludlow, Ruth Augustine, Heather Marsten,

   Evangeline May, Gabrielle Gibbs, Embry Indelicato,

   and Emily Stewart

can contact me to claim their choice of an hour of 1-on-1 coaching, or an off-line edit  on any 15 pages of first-draft work.

What I love the most about birthdays are the gifts, especially If I can be the one handing them out!

This ‘gift’ is valid up to 60 days from now. So contact me and let’s get things scheduled.

For the 1-on-1 sessions we’ll be using Skype, you’ll need to add me to your list of contacts. the info is to the right here >>>>


Have a great day, I know I will.






14 Responses to “July 15th is a Special Day…”

  1. Ruth Augustine Says:

    Dear Ms. Runyon,

    First of all, Happy Birthday! I hope this particular day is extra special.

    Secondly, thank you very much! Don’t worry, my extravagant use of exclamation points doesn’t carry over to my writing, not past the first draft, anyway.

    I think I am too shy for Skype, and too talkative (yes, it is possible to be both), so I would like to take advantage of your off-line edit. We are proof readers and I assume you, like us, have a strict definition of ’15 pages’ such as font size, margins, single vs. double spacing, etc. Please let me know of anything else that might not be obvious to a novice writer. At the moment I am thinking about a few very short stories (around 1500-2500 word count).


    Ruth Augustine

    • ejrunyon Says:

      HI there lucky winner!

      For manuscripts use this formatting:
      1″ margins all around. 12pt serif font, like Times New Roman, (not like Ariel). Double spaced. Plan on 24 or 25 lines per page. Number your pages.

      I’ll get started once we chat and I see what you are wanting from the edit.

  2. Camille Says:

    WHOO! HOO!

    Thank you!!


  3. Dear Mr. Runyon,

    Happy Birthday!

    I don’t Skype, don’t even have a Skype account.

    Thank you. I’m excited to win this critique. I will follow the guidelines mentioned above to submit my pages. Does it matter where in the MS the pages are drawn from?

    I’m including my email here so I can find out where you want the pages emailed.

    You made my day with this present. I hope you receive wonderful presents for your birthday.


    HM at HVC dot RR dot COM

  4. Happy belated Birthday EJ!

  5. Emily Stewart Says:

    Wow! What an amazing gift you have given to us on this special day. Thank you so much.

    I’ll be skyping you. I do want that coaching. 🙂 probably not in the next few weeks, but soon. What information do I need to give you? Obviously I can email you my skpe username, but what would you like beyond that?

    Happy, happy birthday and thank you again.

    • ejrunyon Says:

      On the right of this post >>> in the red section>>> is my contact info for Skype and Email (just above the Search field)
      If you are going for the coaching via Skype, add me as a contact. If you are going for the off-line edits, send them to the email addy once they are formatted.
      If I get something not formatted, I’ll do that and let you know where the 15 pages ends.

  6. Gabrielle Gibbs Says:

    I hope you had an amazing birthday! Thank you so much for the most generous gift! I cannot tell you how excited I am.

    I would love to Skype, but unfortunately that will not be possible currently. The edits would be amazing though! I saw the guidelines posted above so I will get that formatted correctly so as not to be a pain in the tukus.

    My email address is below. I will await further instructions as to where to send my pages.

    gabrielle dot gibbs at yahoo dot com. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity!

  7. Dawn Chapman Says:

    So glad you seem to have had a wonderful Birthday 🙂 Hope so. And may many more good days come too. For those with a prize well done. You’ll gain so much.

  8. Just a smile. 🙂 Happy birthday.

  9. marymkrefting Says:

    Just wanted to with you a Happy belated Birthday and to thank you for your generosity! It is very inspiring!


  10. marymkrefting Says:

    woops, meant to say “wish”!!!

  11. wrdsdanie Says:

    Wow happy belated birthday. You have the same birthday as my daughter. She just turned 13. Hope your day as a good one.

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