What We Do When We Say ‘We’re Writing’

May 29, 2013

When you write fiction or memoir,

what is it you truly do?

Can you list the types of writing you engage in line to line?

Do you know that there are different parts to your work?

There is

  1. conventional narrative writing
  2. expositional passages
  3. introspection from the narrator or the characters
  4. writing the senses
  5. actions & reactions
  6. transitions from scene to scene & paragraph to paragraph
  7. motives and emotions
  8. backstory and flashbacks
  9. summary narration (which is its own animal)
  10. descriptions
  11. writing in dialogue
  12. writing in scene

With these listed twelve items, you should be able to de-construct your work, line by line, paragraph by paragraph to see what you have. That will show you how much or how little you have of each type of writing, and what your go-to writing style is.

Try doing this with the first 4 paragraphs of your current Work in Progress (WIP).

See what you have and how much of each type there is. Are you finding all summary narration? Too much backstory and flashbacks? Not near enough descriptions?

Want one-on-one coaching or story edits in this and other craft elements? See the side panel for my contact info.
Make you writing all it can be before you send it off for self-publishing.

Based on what you find out about your own writing, drop a comment here and tell me which of the dozen ways to write you’d like me to tackle in future blogs.

Then I’ll show you examples of it in action from various writers, like Suzanne Collins, Catherine Ryan Hyde, George R.R. Martin, Diana Gabaldon, and others and explain how they did what they did.


My next Book – ‘Tell Me (How to Write) a Story’ is expected out this July. Watch for it!


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