January 13, 2013

A reblog from DreamPunk Geek,
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dreampunk geek

Life drawing classes.  Every artist should be mandated to take them.  They are one of the best experiences I ever had and grew my drawing skills so dramatically that I am embarrassed to show anything before this period.

They taught me to draw from life.  Instead of imagining what a person looks like I could see the wrinkles, lumps, dimples, scars, birthmarks, and shadows.  I was able to learn how a person filled space and how to translate that onto paper.  Before, my drawings were flat, awkwardly proportioned, and boringly stiff.  After, they had depth, mood, and personality.

As writers we sit down by ourselves and write.  If we choose to go to a coffee shop there are people around us, but ultimately it is a solitary act and it is easy to get lost inside our imaginations, forgetting to ‘write from life.’

How many times have we all described…

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  1. La fille de la mer Says:

    Very nice! Can I gently point to the irony that drawing from life is comparable to writing from our own experiences instead of using our imagination? 🙂

    It feels to me that there is a need in most artists to alternate between experience (drawing from life) and imagination. None being better than the other in my opinion. They provide different means of exploring our talents. Someone who uses their imagination too much, might actually learn a lot to create from their own experience or draw from life. And the same could be said of someone who only draws from life who might benefit at one point to expand their world and only use their imagination.

    This is the beauty of art. It usually starts from learning the basics (drawing from life being one), then you expand and might need from time to time to touch back home and use a bit of experience and real life to balance everything out.

    Enjoy it while you do it, that’s the best place to start! :).

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