Do We Have A Deal For You!

November 30, 2012

I'm Published!!! WOOT!

As the end of this year comes sailing towards us,  I’m offering the first 7 Deadly Serious Nano’ers who contact me, wanting to work on their stuff, a Post-NaNoWriMo-Deal.

Five 90 minute coaching sessions at my hourly lesson rate.  That’s like two and a half hours of free coaching work. I work on content edits, story structure and writing craft.

How can you not decide to try this offer?  I’m very serious about coaching novices to become the best writers they can be.  You can check the Bridge to Story site for my coaching style.

I have a new book coming out next year, called ‘Tell Me (How to Write) A Story’ that takes the website lessons even further.  If you like my Bridge to Story website or learned from it, you’ll like my coaching.

Contact me though these comments to get on this list of 7 for the New Year.

 But wait, there’s more…

As you surf and explore around online you may find that some writing coaches charge very high rates. For a novices this means many of you just can’t afford writing help. My goal isn’t to charge what I think I can get from you.

But rather, I do this for you, I only charge the least that I can get away with and still earn a wage. So that ‘hourly rate’ is very, very low to begin with.

If you contact me but don’t make it into the list of the first 7 Deadly Serious Nano’ers, I also have my usual After-NaNoWriMo-Deal:

For the following 20 Nano’er with Halos only.

A Content edit reading of your 50K + word count manuscript. This can be worked on chapter by chapter, or as an entire first draft. The “deal part” comes in here: This work is offered at the lowered NaNo rate of $1.00 page  (Pages must be formatted as: 1 “ margins, double spaced, 12pt font & You must have a halo from NaNoWriMo from the November 2012 event).

I can help you get to any level of writing you’re aiming for. So make contact via comments here if you’re interested.

Comments on my style of coaching

I’m sorry I only met you at the last day of this conference. You are truly amazing. Shirley. S

 You gave super insightful critiques, and I’m impressed with your know-how and niceness. Karen R.

 I was tremendously taken with your ability to look at [a writer’s] work and see its essence. Susan A. N.

I wanted to thank you for the “magical” time we spent as a group, & for all your help. Sonia M.

Comments on my own fiction and plays:

So evocative…you’re writing is so…can I find the words? It’s easy and gentle, and yet the cut it leaves stings after the words have gone. You have a gift for images as well as words. -C.J. Wright, DramaWorks Studio Theatre

 A lot to praise here, your voice is just spot on. Over and over you have lines that just make me think, “Ooh.”  -Catherine Ryan Hyde, best-selling author

Review Feedback from Amazon US, & UK on Claiming One, a story collection from Inspired Quill (UK):

in the US:
“each one of these masterfully crafted tales hooked me from the first word, pulled me into the characters’ world and moved me through all levels of the emotional spectrum, delivering unexpected payoffs that left me awestruck and wanting for more.”

“They will leave you with a sense of wonder when you finish each one. …I usually only read “The Greatest American Short Stories” and “The Greatest American Mystery Short Stories,” so she had a very high bar.”

“characters are razor sharp, her delivery and tuning of plot is fascinating, and the overall effect is that of a wordsmith delivering her craft.”

“all uniquely interesting and get you thinking on different aspects of life that are often left for granted. A couple of the stories made me tear up but they are all really beautiful.”

In the UK:
“but I have to say the ones I have read so far have made me think and one on particular moved me to tears. So the author here has taken me outside my comfort zone…kind of haunting me.”

“EJ Runyon stirs emotions in the reader that makes a book like this difficult to get out of your mind days after having read it. If you choose to read this book be prepared to cry out in frustration one second and then genuinely have a good cry the next, you are so touched by the characters.”

” if you’re looking for a bit of light-relied, Claiming One might not be your cup of tea. That said, if you want something which is going to challenge your views about life whilst stirring up your emotions, this book is ideal. “

Move into the state of editing you’ve dreamed of. Take that next step and polish your work, I can help.



2 Responses to “Do We Have A Deal For You!”

  1. susanpen Says:

    Me, Pick Me!
    My story did not end at 50,000 words, so I need to write a bit more to finish it. But I would love some writing help, editing help and content help.
    So if you have not gotten your 7 deadly serious writers yet. Please contact me.

    • ejrunyon Says:

      I have 3 spaces left, but I may add one or two more, they are going faster than I expected. When you have your story done and are ready for edits, let me know. We’ll go from there.

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