A Scrivener Journal of My Writing Journey

October 9, 2012

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Spent late last night coming up with a skeleton for my expected 20 chapters for November 2012 NaNoWriMo’s Literary Fiction effort. I’m going for 80K.

So I’m planning on writing up some Scrivener cards like this:

Which level of a five-part structure is this scene, chapter or character at?

  • Inciting incident,
  • rising complication,
  • crisis,
  • climax, or
  • resolution.

This goes for the character’s arc too, not just the story’s arc. So maybe there will be more like three cards here:

  • scene,
  • chapter,
  • character(s).

Subtext info
I figure each chapter will need some sub-textual imperative – a reason why folks are doing what they are doing – but that reason will go unspoken, by narration or in dialogue, Still, it’ll be understood by the reader.
So, I’ll want to know it to write towards it. There’ll be its own card to track that

This current action will lead to…
How does this action at the scene or chapter’s end lead to the next reaction by a character?
I figure each action should have a good strong reaction to keep the plot moving forward. Like knowing how a pool shot will move the ball it hits.
This will be good for motivations and reactions from

  • one character to another,
  • a character to self, or
  • a character to circumstances.

So that’s my plan, not really an outline,
more like a journal of my NaNo journey as I’m writing it.

I think all this will keep the background concerns of writing a good, strongly structured Novel on notes, while I’m busy clicking and clacking on that higher plane of immediate creating.



3 Responses to “A Scrivener Journal of My Writing Journey”

  1. Wow, 80k? I barely manage to make it to 50k. I’ve tried Scrinever but I’m not yet a huge fan of it. I have to be able to write from multiple places (home, work, friends house) and so I think I’m going with Google Docs or maybe my thumb drive and Microsoft Word… what do you suggest? One year I tried Adobe Buzzword, but then they update the computers at my job and I couldn’t access Buzzword and I was working 12 hour overnight shifts where I did most of my writing so needless to say I failed nanowrimo that year.

    • ejrunyon Says:

      Because Google is ubiquitous, all you add there can then be corralled within Scrivener at the end of the day.
      Using Scrivener will allow all the bits to be reexamined and re-shuffled to your liking.
      Writing has to just happen, which make my 80K a breeze to me–– I’m only writing.
      but the thinking that come later, is all the better because of the tool Scrivener, for me.

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