September 24, 2012

New Scrivener’ers – here’s some good info for more that Scrivener can do!! Check it out.
And consider stopping in to read David’s new online work too!


3 Responses to “”

  1. ThreeKingsBooks Says:


    Just ordered my Neo2 — can’t thank you enough! I seriously think this is the answer. Wow!


  2. ejrunyon Says:

    It’s a gem of a tool. Glad I led you there!

  3. For PC users — don’t forget that — although you don’t get the handy-dandy list of scenes, you can certainly put something in the search box, and it will highlight all instances of that word. AND don’t forget that little down arrow by the magnifying glass, which allows you to select whether you want to find that word in notes, or keywords, or somewhere else, and whether you want to find any word in the phrase, or the exact phrase you typed.

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