Here’s To Telling Tales

September 9, 2012

My collection of short stories, Claiming One has been on the shelves, in stores and online since January of this year.  It’s made a small dent which my publisher, Inspired Quill is happy with, as am I, and I have a book trailer on YouTube that is getting some hits, the feedback I’ve gotten on it is all positive. Though, I could definitely use as few more reviews online.

Claiming One Book Cover

Claiming One Book Cover

( Claiming One B & N, Amazon )

But, this Saturday was the first bookstore reading I’ve had for my small offering. And that was a step for me. The event called for my reading work aloud. And, in my mind, for me to attempt dressing well. I figured the reading aloud I could handle.

But the dressing well – think board-shorts, Teva sandals, cotton vests over big t-shirts, and a lot of cat hairs (my usual outfit). I called for help and my friend Mari took me shopping to choose a few things that girls wear, including a pair of slip-ons that had, as Mari informed me, kitten heels. (Kitten Heels? Yikes!)

So this Saturday I donned all that fake stuff, made sure most of the bed-hair had been tamed, checked my teeth, and made my way to the Barnes & Noble on campus, half an hour early, because I too was hyper to sit at home waiting.

Twenty-one folks showed up, (3 times as many as I expected) we ran out of books to sell, I read one story (Going to Emergency) then looked up into a crowd of smiles and asked if there were any questions.

And they wanted to start talking about the story! Asking questions, wanting to know the how’s and why’s. Nodding ‘yeah’ as I spoke. Waiting for more. Continuing to smile, to agree, to get what I was saying. Heady stuff.

There were half a dozen or so writing students there from the NMSU English department and we ended up having a nice chat about writing and art. And how to let yourself be free to write. To ask the What if? about our story ideas.  I mentioned my website, and it didn’t even feel out of place to do so. Weird.

I even got email addresses from some of them to continue those conversations.

I told one young man, Pedro, the story about Zoe Amory’s Cover Art work, and how when you have good fortune (my being selected by a publisher) sharing it with others brings in more of it.

Everyone wanted to have their book signed, and they ended up sitting down and talking to me as I did the signatures, each with their own little story to convey, I felt like they wanted to make me a friend, as we spoke.

One person showed up late, was told we’d run out of books and asked, “What about that one?” – pointing to the display copy still on the stand. I grabbed it up for her, and sat to sign it. We ended up speaking for a bit. How nice was that?!?  An second woman met up with me and she sat talking with my two friends and me down in the store’s café area, I promised to have a book for her Monday, from my own box of copies.

Aside from my feet hurting in my *kitten heel shoes* it was a lovely event! I’ve never felt so at ease in my life.
Please, if you know of a blogger who reviews Short Story/Literary Fiction, pass this blog post on to them. I’m interested in expanding my blog tour.



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