Writing with Distractions

June 24, 2012

Things are hard this summer…

This summer for NaNoWriMo camp I jumped in like I always do – ready and willing to put a 50,000-or-more word novel on the page within a span of 30 working days.

I knew that there would be plenty of distractions, but, that never stopped me before.

Diligently, day in and day out, I’ve added to my work, now on the 24th, I’m up to 40,000 words.

Sure, I have another writing project underway. plus work at the University two days a week. and the summer graduate practicum to get through, and my Bridge to Story clients, and this blog. Who doesn’t pile their plate a bit high from time to time?

Some of my distractions were trivial

Koko’s constant demand for attention










Some were a bit more mundane

An average week's To-do's

An average week’s To-do’s








– the finding the time for it all (the volunteer work, and the twice weekly meetings, plus the token house work).

It’s not all the other work that’s distracting me it’s the distractions to all the other work.

I’d rather being creating full time all day long. If I were living my life in the pursuit of creativity coaching, writing fiction, and creating instructional software 20 hours a day I’d not feel distracted at all.

As I often like to say,

“If these things were video games, I’d be up playing them for free at 2:00 in the morning .”

So, in spite of this writing statistic of being at 40,000 words on the 24th, I feel let down this June. Can’t quite put my finger on it. It might simply be exhaustion (See ‘mundane’ figure above).

Whatever it is, I’ll not let these distractions take the place of quality writing; when and how I can get that on the page.

I am committed. Or perhaps I should be, because I don’t intend on stopping even when the 30th rolls around.


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