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June 6, 2012

CampNaNo Blog Post #3, Day Five

Night is now descending on day five of thirty, and I’m up to the 10K level now (+/-).

Camp NaNoWriMo 2012


And here’s a snippet of the word-smithing:

” In her dreams he’s a carved stone angel, forever young. His architect’s carved him: round of cheek & infant whorl of hair. Lanie dreams him toppling off a brownstone cornice’s lip, backlit, a furious sun so intense it’s explosion glare brings her warning screams to a well lit room. “

I like it. It feels good.

Writing is hard sometimes; but, between my eyesight (failing) and my finger-graphical typing errors (rising) is a fine pool of creativity, wringing wet with inventiveness, that I’m pretty sure will never shrink (with any luck).

And I think as long as I can work around the growing lysdexia and not give in to mere physical hindrances the writing world is my plaything.

And speaking of the  world of writing, here’s a note I made for myself while reading Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow:

Look at page 83/84 with the ‘dumb as a rock‘ line. See what he did with the reversal there?

Find a way for some rhythm like that, hold out a something that you’ll switch out on the reader mid-sentence. Bring in the droll but add some spin on it.

Nothing like what’s expected. And if you find the norm – rethink using it or mark it for edits, later.

You don’t need elevated wording – you need a heightened usage of words.

Give those inanimate object action verbs. (pg 115)

How about you, visitor? – Post a comment. Let’s hear your joys or sorrows for a day’s wordmongering

Pass this post on to anyone you can think of who writes. Or who wants to write.


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