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June 2, 2012

CampNaNo Blog Post #1, June 1st

I wrote 5,125 words on Friday, day one of Camp NaNoWriMo, the event brought to you by those stupendous folks at the Office of Letters & Light.

Here’s my Camp Stats/Writer Info/Excerpt link, in case you want to follow along this month and cheer me on. I’ll be blogging every other day, unless impossible to do so.

I did a lot of reading in the Spring this year. Because once Camp NaNoWriMo started for June and August, I knew the time would be short for such luxuries. But I did get a chance to re-read a book that has me entranced. And I find it’s informed my Camp Nano experience like no other book ever has.

I have to confess my preoccupation with Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow first started back in August of 2009 when my new landlord, Mary Smith, gave me a hardback copy.

It’s a free verse novel:  looks like an epic (300+ pages) poem in its formatting, and reads half lyrical love story, half horror story about packs of werewolves in the seedy neighborhoods of Los Angeles (my home town).

I plan on (and look forward to) channeling some of that ‘beauty of style’ into this 2012 CampNaNo work of mine.

Yes, I only write Literary Fiction– no werewolves at all– but what is so fascinating to me about this book, isn’t the genre I want to channel, it’s everything else about the piece. Barlow’s syntax and rhythms transported me.

Because I coach novices, my mind was stepping double-time reading this.  Half of me loving the beautiful reading expreience because this book’s got

 “bridge playing dogs… surfing… meth labs… & carne asada tacos…”

Half of me wanting to grab a bunch of eager novices for an impromptu session of de-construction and analysis of HOW this man did the things he did on these pages!

So what I want to do during June is, I suppose, multifunctional.

I’ll be:

  • updating you on my Camp NaNo progress, every other day
  • discussing the gem that is Sharp Teeth
  • and mostly holding a dialogue with anyone who wants to be a writer & is willing to talk with me about that

So please – pass this blog site on to anyone who is so inclined to take their work seriously. They might want to join in and comment.

If I do it right,

my dream goal, by the end of the month, is a finished 1st draft of a new novel that gives you some the above in the form of wind-chimes disguised as paragraphs.  But still, a bit of blood-letting of my own invention all the same.



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