30 Simple Days of Life Changing Joy

May 29, 2012

CampNaNOWriMo Participant Bagde 2012

 How has NaNo changed my Life?

 Yes. I NaNoWriMo. It’s made how and what I am today.

 I’ve Nano‘d,12 years. Script Frenzy‘d, twice & CampNano‘d both last and this year.

I use a motto from a early novel in my Nano Profile signature:

Chance is just Fate using a pen name.

Here’s my journey:

In 2000 I was a week into November when I read about this event. And I asked for and took two weeks vacation from the 15th on and wrote 26K words of my first novella by the 30th – a win of sorts.

In 2001 I wrote the entire month’s effort while working full time as a software engineer – a win, which I eventually turned into a longer complete work by editing the heck out of it.

2002, I took a month’s vacation and did it again – A win – same with the editing – nothing of mine remains in it’s original November 30th state.

2003 to 2004, there was RL work while writing and I won each time.

2005 I fell in lust – and though I took the month off to write – never got a word on the page.

I decided to pursue things in earnest: So I sold my house, and stopped working in software to go back to University for a BA & MFA – (I figured the house money would get me into my first year of the MFA) in the back of my mind: the decision to be a novelist and creativity coach for the rest of my life.

Of course, the economy was due to tank in a few more years, and I changed majors – delaying the undergrad work. But I kept on writing.

2006 to 2007 – two more novel wins.

2008 I shifted things and began a “How-to Write Fiction” book – a win that year

2009 My first loss – I tossed this one and don’t intend to do a thing with it ever again.

2010 a win, Plus, I started my online site – Bridge to Story – for novices eager to write fiction. In September,  I was accepted to a MFA, a Creative Writing program, but because it was a distance program out of Vancouver BC, I found that student loans wouldn’t cover things( and well, you know how the US economy was). No MFA for me. I opted for a Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, and created an interdisciplinary Masters program for myself states-side.

2011 – a loss – only 25.8K written. I did try Script Frenzy too, that year. And also a Camp NaNo event that August. I think I lost it.

Surpringingly – in the time it could have taken me to clear that dreamed of MFA in Vancouver – I was working at getting Claiming One, my first short story collection, accepted by Inspired Quill Press, ready for its 2012 PUBLICATION.

Yes. Someone wanted to publish my work.

Several of the 17 stories were culled from the existing NaNo novels written since 2001.

This year, there might not be a 2012 November NaNo – because, well,  I’ve become a working-writer.  But I am reworking the 2010 (& maybe the 2011) novels during 2012‘s Camp NaNo’s June & August Months >>>> while I’m also working on my next book – that “How-to write fiction” book. Manuscript due to the publisher by Aug 29th.

That’s the HOW of it.

The Whoa of it is what amazes me on a daily basis:   NaNo changed my life by giving me a place for me to be who I’ve been meaning to be, here in the last part of my life.

Are you a almost writer? Want to try a chance at life changing joy? Try Camp during June or August, Script Frenty during April, or  NanoWriMo in November.



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  1. Marilu Says:

    paying closer to attention to the mannequins around me in Buenos Aires. If you’ve read any of mypr Âevious posts about Argentina, you know that Buenos Aires has a toxic culture when it comes to body image.

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