I’m Back, and Thank You

May 8, 2012

Before beginning today’s blog, I’d like to thanks the 200 readers who downloaded Claiming One in e-book  form when it was offered free on Amazon.com. It was such great news to know the book had made that kind of dent.

For any of you taking the time to read this blog, if you’ve already read any of the stories in Claiming One please try to find the time to post a review online.  Also, the Inspired Quill marketing team is working on a blog tour next. I’ll keep you posted on those events as they’re set up.



  Why Author blogs sometime bog down…




As you may have noticed it’s been a bit since I’ve posted my last entry. The only reason for this is that I’ve been doing other writing. For one thing I participated in April’s Script Frenzy from those wild and crazy folks at The Office of Letters and Light. Although my personal goal was a script of 120 pages, I did make it up past 100 though not to my goal. Some years it just doesn’t happen. But there’s so much joy in making the trip anyway.

For another thing I’ve started in on my 2nd book, which is a How-to for novice fiction writers, modeled after my website Bridge to Story, which is being proofread this summer and all typos will be eradicated. It’s never easy being lysdexic, Luckily I use a dictation software for a bit more accuracy now.

So. Between Script Frenzy, the new book, and life in general, the blog posts have been lagging. My apologies, especially since the blog stats show that  folks in 15 various counties are making visits here, thanks go out to all of you, but specifically to  India, Malaysia, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Bangladesh, Rep.of Korea, Italy, Australia, Bulgaria, and Saudi Arabia readers for your interest in my work.

If any of you following this blog or simply coming here to read it for the 1st time, would like me to post specific topics about writing you’d like to read and comment on please post your suggestions in the comments, I’d love posting about topics which you’re most interested in reading.

That’s my update for today. It’s good to be back. And thank you all.


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