Claiming One IS now in Paperback

February 19, 2012

Claiming One Cover

It’s here!

Check out Amazon (either the UK or US stores)… Claiming One is now in paperback, as well as Kindle.

I got an email I thought I’d share, from someone who took a chance, read the whole book, and reached out to tell me what she thought:

I’m never going back to lousy writing again.   I’m 19, and I only used to read things my sister or mom gave me. And those books really didn’ do a thing for me. It was like those books were dumb realtiy shows where no one looks like anyone in your street, and all the acting is, bad and fake.

But then I found this title on the blog Gawker and I got a taste of real reality. YOU lady can really really write. These stories made me mad, and cry sometimes, and a few times made me want to shake the people in the stories and say WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? But the weird part is that with nearly every story I felt like I WAS the character. YOU lady write things and I forget my eyes are going across the words. I ended up thinking the thoughts and feeling the pains. And maybe that’s way I cries more than once. Even the story with the drunk girl who has a girl friend was like I was that girl asking ‘Why?’.

I think my three favorites from the whole book are the two with the littlest kid, named Duffy. And also the one about the girl who just can’t stay with her family and has to run away. I hope YOU lady keep on writing more. Because your just great at it.

A Fan

Thanks so much, my sweet fan. I appreciate your kind words.

And yes, I’ll keep writing as long as I can.



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