So It Begins (aka My Life Writing)

January 19, 2012

Alright. I’m published now.

Mari Tellez, a reader I know who believes in me, waited very patiently on Saturday, checking Amazon again and again.

Till she e-mailed, a bit put out:

“I have been looking for it forever! Like an hour. 
By the way congratulations!
Aaahhh! I am so excited for you!”


“I bought it! I am so excited to start reading it tonight!!!”


And then, She sent me this photo of her and her sister’s iPads,

Two Reader' Downloads









“Woo Hoo! My sister is going to start reading it too!”

To coin a phrase, I was Dead Chuffed  to get those emails.  US translation:  ~ it just means very very pleased ~

Mari and her sister seemed to be the first two US buyers, with Joanne Jordan, the first, to make a purchase in the UK!

I’ve told as many people as I know (and can email) about my book. In the two month run-up to Claiming One’s release date over 400 views have been racked up on this blog.  And as my contract and Publisher remind me often, I, as ‘the author’, am responsible for maintaining an internet presence.  But Mari’s excitement made my week. We spoke about writing when we connected on the phone. And how she and others are following this blog, I told her how excited I was, too.


 The idea of simply posting week after week, to say “Hey – look! My book!” would leave me decidedly not Dead Chuffed.   So while you will read about the upcoming Blog Tour, and if reading dates are in my future, I’ll be posting mostly about Writing.


How to Write,

Why We Write.

Topics which the rest of my life will be dedicated to.  Oh, yes. And I’m certainly dead chuffed about that!


Claiming One cover art

Claiming One cover art

Claiming One on AmazonAmazon UK, Amazon US



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