Writing: My First Book

January 12, 2012

I'm Published!!! WOOT!

My first book is coming out this Saturday, and I’m freaking out.  The phrase “Be careful what you wish for young lady. You may well get it” is thrumming though my cranium, showing up in dreams in the guise of noisy, obliterating car crashes.

I’ve been headed toward writing for a living all my life, but I’ve only been aimed there in a semi-active way since 1992—writing daily and editing ruthlessly. But not seeking publication. Attending writer’s workshops and conferences but not year in, year out.  Coaching others since 1997. The periphery.

I’m a late bloomer. But at least I am blooming.

I got semi-serious about my own work in 2006, quitting a very well-paying career in Software Project Management, selling my house – luckily at the height of the market – to fund a return to community college to get my General Education credits out of the way, so I could continue on at University for a Bachelors in English—the Creative Writing track. Lost too much $$$ when the US economy tanked in 2007, that ate up much of my stocks.

Earned the BA in 2010. Built a Website for my creativity coaching and moved onto Graduate work in Online Teaching and Learning.

Then, one day last August, I decided to gather up 17 good stories and submit them for consideration.

Of the 17 stories that make up the collection Claiming One, six of the stories are culled from novel length work I’ve either finished or am editing.  The six novels, plus three others were all written during the event called National Novel Writing Month.  I stumbled onto the event back in 2001, and nearly every year since I’ve attempted a novel in November. In seven of the eleven years I’ve managed to reach 50,000+ words in a 30-day span of time. One year, even writing a How-to-Write Fiction book, instead of going the novel route.


As a novice writer, I offer you this look at my small writing life and ask that you remember, to Carry On Writing.


2 Responses to “Writing: My First Book”

  1. Kate Warren Says:

    Congratulations on your publication, E.J.! That’s wonderful!

  2. ejrunyon Says:

    Hi Kate,
    Drop a comment and tell us about your own adventures in publication, we’d love to hear about it, either under your own or pen name!

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