On Being a New Author

December 2, 2011

Cover Art for Claiming One

I love writing fiction. It isn’t something I think about doing. It’s more something I find myself doing.  Talking about the doing of it is not a second-nature thing for me, I’m not a rhetorician.

Instead, walking in a public place, I hear a scrap of conversation and I’m off creating a world around a string of words that are stuck to my mind.

Can I detail what went on in that flash of inspiration or creativity? Diagram it for you? Sometimes. Can I detail moments like that in a blog – enough to give you a plan for your own to use? Again, Sometimes. Other times, I can hardly type words with letters in the proper order on my first try.

I guess, the teaching I do comes from somewhere off center, it’s not always from a How-To-Do point of view.

I’ve also found that being capable of creating is long march to being published. There’s always some new writer who dreams of glory and another one who simply wants to write. They act differently. Work along dissimilar lines.  I’m not sure that Creation has a direct link to Recognition.

Myself, I think I got lucky.

Luck struck me on three levels. If I’d missed letting one of those luck-bolts hit, I might not be writing this author’s blog now.   First off, I was lucky to be sitting in the back of a car when the driver and front passenger both stepped out at the same time and slammed their doors, leaving me alone with a ringing in my ears. That moment sparked a line I spoke when we got back on the road, and that line became to basis of a story. Luck.

That lucky-bolt hit repeatedly. It struck every time I sat down and gave some story a subsequent chance to be better on the page in a newer draft. Sometimes that meant cutting things out. Sometimes it meant bringing more up to the surface from down where I hadn’t let myself reach yet.

It’s very scary reaching into a place you can feel, but not see. The third bolt hit when I paid attention to some voice within me that spoke; saying one day, Send this off to someone.  And I did.

So here I am, lucky; to have a magical-mind that can create something from nearly nothing. To then have that work-mind telling me to try harder so the stories will turn out stronger. And lucky to listen to myself and take that chance of sending my work to a publisher. That faith-mind was the hardest to get around.

But it’s done now. No turning back. The next challenge is funneling magic, work & faith into being this new author.

How you you see yourself when it comes to being a writer? Let us know in the comments.

Claiming One, and other stories – Due out mid January, 2012


2 Responses to “On Being a New Author”

  1. Sherrie Nist Says:

    I wouldn’t call it luck. Everyone hears bits of conversations, and observes moments in time, that could become a great story, if that’s how your mind works. Yours does, most people’s doesn’t. And about that inner voice, everybody has one, but everyone doesn’t listen to it.Ignore it too much, and it goes away.

  2. ejrunyon Says:

    Maybe my versions of ‘Luck’ are like my Blog Motto:
    ‘Chance is just Fate using a penname.’
    And the Gifts I seem to have for writing is that I’m lucky enough to see and use them, rather than letting those recognition moments pass on by.
    As a writer and publisher, and friend to other writers, Sherrie, How do you see your writing life?

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