A New Voice says “Hi, pleased to meet you.”

November 11, 2011

Welcome to E. J. Runyon’s Author Blog

This is the first of many blog posts to come. As the author of an upcoming short story collection, I’m here primarily to let you know about that publication.

Step into these 17 worlds. Into lives as they are lived. These are the people you recognize on buses or in cafes. 
The people you might disregard because of how they live, or who they love.  At one time or another  a story can be told about any of us. Recognition may be discomforting, but  don’t fear it. Take a chance.  Don’t look away.

CLaiming One Cover Art lost girl
Claiming One and other short stories

Due out from Inspired Quill in February of 2012.

We’ll have a YouTube Book Trailer up in a month or two. Please watch for it.

More Soon,

E.J. Runyon


8 Responses to “A New Voice says “Hi, pleased to meet you.””

  1. I’m so delighted for you, EJ–such great news! And welcome, also to the blogosphere, a great source of sharing and inspiration! In my first year or so of blogging, I got excellent advice about how to build a blogging platform from Darren Rowse’s wealth of knowlege and experience at http://problogger.net. Regards, Donna Cunningham

  2. Sherrie Nist Says:

    Congratulations on getting published! I’ve been familiar with your work for a long time now, and I can assure readers that they won’t be able to put it down.

  3. ejrunyon Says:

    Thanks so much for inaugurating my new blog with your well wishes!

    I love that the first comments came from two Astrologer/Writers.

    I’ll do my best to provide an entertaining and well written blog.

    ~ me

  4. How wonderful! Congratulations! Hurray!! You must be pretty excited, no? Me, too. Just checked over the proof copy of my novel and it looks like it is ready to print! Finally!

  5. PS: I have no idea why my post says it is password protected, when it is not…??

    • ejrunyon Says:

      Hi Rahima,
      I’m not sure either – this is all very new for me.
      Congrats on your novel! please be sure to post a comment when it’s ready for us to look at.


  6. sundiva Says:

    Mazel Tov!
    Looking forward to entering your world of magical reality where things may or may not be as they appear. Your writing and thoughts often make me pause to question and wonder.
    Qualities I admire in works of art.
    If I am fortunate, your works will also be published in a “hands on” format. I must end now or embark upon a dreary diatri….
    uh, lots of negative rambling…
    luego mi amiga

    • ejrunyon Says:

      Yes, for some the e-book is a devolution in books.

      I’m not sure which way I’ll lean, until I get the hang of the newer formats.
      One friend actually told me “Printed books are so 2004!” And he meant it. :headsmack:
      but then, he owns an iPad.

      Thanks for commenting, Sun Diva – and enjoy your retirement hours.


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